Resident Selection Criteria

Several criteria are considered while determining whether to approve a new resident. Many of these criteria are built into a process. Checks may be made on the prospective tenant’s employment or other sources of income, credit history, criminal history, rental history, references, credit sources, banks and other financial institutions, and previous employers. While not all of these are checked on each prospective tenant, you should be prepared to disclose all of the above information and have it checked and verified. We require a separate application for all prospective residents older than 18 years of age or prospective residents under 18 years of age who have been emancipated, a valid government issued photo identification, and application fees to be paid for all applicants.


This community does not discriminate on the basis of source of race, color, religion, national origin, familial status, disability, marital status, age, ancestry, sexual orientation, medical condition, source of income, gender, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, citizenship, immigration status, primary language spoken, or any arbitrary basis. 


Occupancy: Our communities allow two plus one per bedroom. 

Efficiency apartment – 2 persons 

1 bedroom apartment – 3 persons 

2 bedroom apartment – 5 persons 

3 bedroom apartment – 7 persons



Pet Limitations:  Pet policy including pet limitations such as weight or height limits, pet deposits, pet rent, and pet fees will vary based on the community you are applying for. Prior approval is required for all animals. Approval will include but is not limited to a pet agreement, proof of required shots, proof of city license if applicable, and a photo of the animal. This community does not allow exotic animals nor dogs that are of the following breeds (including mixed with these breeds) Examples of these breeds (but not exclusive): Pit Bulls (Bull Terriers or American Staffordshire Terriers), Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers, Chow Chows, Akitas, and Huskies. 

Assistance Animals are not considered pets and are not subjected to some of the above limitations (such as breed restrictions and fees).  However, you must obtain prior written approval from management before bringing your assistance animal on the property.     

Rental History:  We will request and verify your current and previous rental history and inquire about your on-time payment history, notice requirements and what was provided, damages, violations, etc… For homeowners, payment history will be verified via your credit report and further verification may be required with the lending institution.


Credit History: Credit history will be verified by a third party verification service. The applicant will be considered based on a credit score based on statistical data such as payment history, number and type of accounts, outstanding debt, and age of accounts. An unsatisfactory report is one, which reflects past or current bad debts, late payments or unpaid bills, liens, judgments or bankruptcies in the past 7 years. If the applicant is rejected for poor credit history the applicant may contact the credit-reporting agency that provided the credit report. 


Income: Applicants will be required to meet a household gross income, from a legal verified source, ranging from 2.5-4 times the rent, please check with your community for the requirement. Applicants with public assistance/rental subsidies will be required to verify income at the ratio required for that community, but only for the resident portion of the rental payment. Our Verification of Income (VOI) verifies an applicant’s income up to 24 months via bank validated data. Through an online experience, the applicant identifies accounts where they receive income and permissions access for a review of their deposit transaction data. Experian uses advanced analytics to identify income streams, both active and inactive. Through these analytics we are able to rank income streams, assigning a confidence score. This makes it easy to validate and sort income quickly. Income is now identified in minutes streamlining the approval process for applicants.


Criminal History: Criminal backgrounds on all leaseholders and occupants over the age of 18 will be checked.Although applicants will be asked to disclose any prior arrests,convictions or pending criminal actions of all anticipated occupants, this information will not be reviewed until after the applicant has had its credit and references checked and approved. A criminal background check will be conducted. Failure to disclose criminal information as requested is grounds for denial. Arrests will not, in themselves, be grounds for denial but may be factors used along with other criteria. Pending criminal actions may be grounds for denial but will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Convictions of any sort will be evaluated on an individualized basis. Persons who are listed on any sex offender list will not be considered. Persons who have a criminal conviction relating to manufacture or distribution of controlled substances will generally be denied. In review of criminal history, management will consider the nature and severity of the crime, along with how much time has passed since the criminal activity and/or the release from any imprisonment, parole, or probation. It is unlikely that the following persons will be accepted: persons convicted of other drug related offenses who have not provided evidence of completed drug rehabilitation; persons who have convictions relating to serious crimes involving violence, gang activity, arson, and injury to persons. Also persons who have been recently released from prison, parole, or probation may be required to provide additional information and references. Applicants may provide mitigating information. Applicants denied due to criminal history may appeal that decision by providing such appeal in writing along with any information that applicant desires to provide.


Evaluation Decision:

Accepted: The applicant will be accepted with the standard deposits and fees. 

Denied: Application will not be accepted. The applicant will be provided with contact information for the consumer reporting agencies who provided consumer information. 

Accepted with Conditions: The applicant is required to pay an additional deposit based on the policies of the specific community, equivalent to a range of ½ to a full month’s rent. 

If your application is denied due to failure in credit, income requirements, or lack of rental history a co-signer will be considered. The co-signer must complete an application and meet all of the income and credit criteria.  

This community does business in accordance with Federal, State and Local Fair Housing Law